Masomo Foundation
providing meaningful life to children through education
Ms. Sabahat, Mr. Azhar, Ms. Hafsa Lutta, Ms. Zulekha and Dr. Ismahan Malik.
L-R: Mr. Parwez Mohammed, Mr. Mohammed Azhar, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf, Mr. Osman Noorani (H.C.I), Mr. Khalid Chaudhry (AMC Trust), The Late Mr. Munir Diwan (Muslim Care) and Mr. M. Arif (Habib Bank AG)
some of our partners in sponsorships
Following up a meeting
Mr. Omar Abdulla, Mr. Azhar, Mr. Joseph and Maalim Abbas.

Masomo foundation is a trust organization which was registered in the year 2006 with an aim of supporting bright and deserving students go through their education.

To date over 90 students have finished their Universities and college studies through our education bursary scheme.

6 Doctors, 13 students in various fields of Nursing and Biomedical sciences including 1 with Master’s degree in Nursing, 13 Bachelors’ of Commerce, 18 with degrees in Education, 7 students with Bachelors of Art and Sciences,  1 Architecture, 5 Engineers, 1 Actuarial Science, 1 Geospatial Engineering, 2 Electrical Engineer, 1 Mechanical Engineer, 1 Advocate, 1 Military science, 2 I.T. 18 students have achieved Diplomas in various field related to health education engineering, banking and finance and tourism with 60 Degrees and 30 Diplomas: 53 Male and 37 Females.

Over the years the number of our sponsored students has increased gradually from 80 to over 222 both in high school and Universities. The students sponsored come from all over Kenya, though high numbers of beneficiaries are from Western Kenya and Northern Kenya (hardship areas).

Our thanks, honour and best wishes go to our partners / Donors both here in Kenya and outside, i.e. U.K., U.S.A. Canada, Pakistan, Singapore & Baharin etc., who have continuously supported us morally and financially over the years. We take this opportunity to thank you for your unfaltering support in assisting us educate the poor and destitute children in our society. Special thanks goes to Muslim Care in U.K, Human Concern International in Canada, AMC Trust in U.K, Asgarali & Sons Bahrain, Habib Bank AG Zurich, Anjuman Himayat Islam, Al Momin Foundation who are sponsoring students from Turkana & Pokot, Moez Gillani of Canada and many others.

Currently the students in universities all over the country are about 47 who are taking different courses towards their degrees. Some of the Universities are University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, J.K.U.A.T. Moi University, Eldoret, Egerton University, Masinde Muliro University, & Ummah University etc. Some of our students got IDB scholarship in foreign countries i.e. Turkey, Morocco and Malaysia.

IDB has been offering bursary to some of our studying i.e. Medicine & Engineering in Turkey. We do hope this year one of our students will also get scholarship opportunity from IDB.

We believe that education is the long term solution to ignorance, poverty, disease etc.  Masomo Foundation is currently one of the leading organizations in education, most accountable & transparent.

We wish to thank you for your donation last year and we hope you will continue supporting us in this noble task.  We invite you to join hands with Masomo Foundation for the betterment of our bright and deserving student. May God bless & reward you for good work

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