Masomo Foundation
providing meaningful life to children through education
Ms. Sabahat, Mr. Azhar, Ms. Hafsa Lutta, Ms. Zulekha and Dr. Ismahan Malik.
L-R: Mr. Parwez Mohammed, Mr. Mohammed Azhar, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf, Mr. Osman Noorani (H.C.I), Mr. Khalid Chaudhry (AMC Trust), The Late Mr. Munir Diwan (Muslim Care) and Mr. M. Arif (Habib Bank AG)
some of our partners in sponsorships
Following up a meeting
Mr. Omar Abdulla, Mr. Azhar, Mr. Joseph and Maalim Abbas.

Welcome to Masomo foundation

Masomo foundation is a TRUST charitable organization founded in 2006. It is engaged in the education of the less fortunate and destitute children in Kenya.
The children we sponsor are exceptionally bright who but for help from our Foundation would fall by the wayside and left to fend for themselves in any whichever way possible: either by begging or worse.

Through education, we endeavour to provide a meaningful life to the children whom we sponsor, and, through them, we hope to fulfill the aspirations of their parents and dependants and make them “responsible citizens who will help in Nation building”

From the time our Foundation was set up in 2006 to 2017 we have sponsored over 1200 children through secondary schools, colleges’ and higher learning institutions.  This year, we have over 222 students in secondary schools, colleges and universities, while to date 90 students have finished their degrees and diplomas.

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Famous Quotes

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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